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Priest Care Fund Special Collection

Colecta Especial para el Fondo de Cuidado de los Sacerdotes


"Care for Those Who Care for Us"
"Cuidar de los que se dedican a nosotros"

Contributions to the annual Priest Care Fund Special Collection on August 1-2, 2015, will help support the expenses of medical and long-term care for our retired and infirmed priests. These expenses are in addition to what is covered by their insurance, income benefits or personal resources. Please give generously.

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The Catholic Diocese of Fort Worth Advancement Foundation is a separate 501(c)(3) Texas non-profit corporation, organized and operated exclusively for charitable, religious and educational purposes. The Advancement Foundation, as a separate corporation, is an integrated auxiliary supporting the Catholic Diocese of Fort Worth, charged with receiving contributions intended to benefit supported activities and managing and distributing such contributions for the benefit of those supported activities.


A chalice and a bible Member Board:

  • Mary Goosens - Interim President
  • Very Rev. Daniel P. Kelley - Secretary


Board Directors:

  • Vacant - Treasurer
  • Paula K. Parrish - Executive Director
  • Robert Garrison - Director
  • David Kimbell - Director
  • Duff O'Dell - Director
  • William F. Quinn - Director


Advancement Foundation News

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Financial Accountability

The Catholic Diocese of Fort Worth Advancement Foundation contracts with the Central Office of the Diocese of Fort Worth to provide administrative support for the Corporation. Each year the Corporation has an independent audit of its finances. As part of the commitment to accountability, the Board of Directors provides the following completed audits.

Audit Report 2012-2013
Audit Report 2011-2012
Audit Report 2010-2011
Audit Report 2009-2010